We’re blogging about some of our HOTTEST deals yet folks.

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We’re blogging about some of our HOTTEST deals yet folks.

Yes that’s right; your favorite marinade and BBQ sauce company is asking you to brace yourselves for our hottest deals we’ve every thrown out and we're throwing it out early.  Everybody wants a deal and we made this deal available for 30 days.  And please remember, you’ll never pay for shipping when you buy from our website. 

Every so often, The Chaka’s Team puts together HOT DEALS and then we shout about it through our online media platforms.  Help us spread the world by sharing, telling, emailing or even calling your family, neighbors and friends about the excitement we’re creating with our unique marinade and BBQ sauce at such a HOT price – PLEASE TELL EVERYBODY!

Chaka's will be going HOT for 30 days, from November 14th all the way through December 14th.

If you keep reading, you’ll see that we’re not kidding about how HOT our deals really are.

  • FREE BBQ sauce with purchase of ANY ITEM on our website
  • A total of 12 items are on SALE
  • Our most popular packaging (3 bottles - 34oz) on sale
  • BBQ sauce on sale
  • Holiday's Gift Package, card included. You can send to your love ones with our, "Let us do the shopping for you” program
  • A $5 coupon in all purchased packages good for your next purchase.

Again, it ALL STARTS on November 14th and ends December 14th.

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