FROM A CHAKA FAN - I've solved the mystery of why Chaka is bald

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Kent - 5.0 out of 5 stars - I've solved the mystery of why Chaka is bald

Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2021

Since you're reading this review, you probably have never had this sauce before and you're trying to get a gauge of whether or not the sauce is worth trying. Lemme start out with saying that were two things that stuck out to me when I decided to take the risk and order hot sauce off of Amazon. The first is this dude is bald and the second is why is this hot sauce mysterious?? Well after having tried the sauce, I'll tell you they're all interconnected. Let. Me. Explain.

My initial theory before trying this sauce is that its mystery has to do with some secretive flavor profile hidden within the sauce. Then I realized I could just read the ingredients on the side of the bottle so that wasn't it. I took a look at the bottle, puzzled, seeing no reason for it to be labeled as a "mystery" hot sauce. That's when I saw it. Chaka's head: bald, beautiful, and gleaming. That's when I knew the mystery wasn't about the sauce, but the disappearance of Chaka's hair. I dove into the lore behind Chaka, while aggressively dipping a quesadilla into a pool of Mystery Sauce on my plate, determined to solve the mystery from the bottle. I dabbed some sauce; I took a swig from the bottle all in an effort to get bottom of how Chaka's Mystery Sauce and his hair loss are related when it hit me. My search led me to this decisive conclusion: Chaka is bald because his hair was too afraid of his genius.

I noticed that after the 3rd hour of research, I had not accomplished much. I was tired and ready to end my long day with some sleep. But after reviewing my sauce-stained notes, I realized that I had only discovered small amounts of evidence. I decided to sleep on it, sure I would be able to formulate a theory in the morning. As if I had had a brain blast, I woke up. it's 3:22 AM. I realized the reason for my lack of evidence wasn't because I hadn't found evidence, but that I kept getting distracted every time I had a bite of my steak quesadilla. Every time I had a taste of the sauce, I became so distracted I quite literally got lost in the sauce. It was at that exact moment I realized that Chaka too got lost in the sauce. But as the creator, there is no escaping the sauce. Something had to be lost for Chaka to escape the power of the sauce and he knew what had to be done. Chaka made the ultimate sacrifice: his gorgeous locks of curly black hair in order to free himself. Chaka made sure that the power of the sauce be tamed by trapping it into a bottle where small amounts can be released at a time. Anyways this sauce is pretty good and has a solid spicy flavor to it so I'd recommend getting it, but beware you don't get lost in the sauce or you too will lose your hair.

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