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Just a little reality on the CHAKA horizon for our supply chain crunch.

Across our business right now, the supply chain is really our limiting factor. Demand is extraordinarily high for all of our products.  In 2022, we will see the biggest crunch on our supply chain and we will survive.  Unprecedented times are coming and we will feel the hammer and we will prevail.

Transportation and logistics issues, just getting the product from point A to point B, is our single limiting factor.  It’s not demand. Demand is incredible. We thank you for keeping the demand strong. 

The cause: We’re looking at unprecedented inflation, as all of industry is right now. We’re seeing double digit increases on raw materials and supplies.   We’re going to have to manage our way through this time of cost inflation, just as we have in the past. It’s going to be a mix of price increases, unfortunately, and also cost-effectiveness through our buying process.

While other companies are shorting orders, we’re trying to keep your favorite Marinades, BBQ sauce and Hot Sauce in stock online and on the shelf.  How do we keep with the trend of making our fantastic sauces and delivering them to you, we keep pushing forward with our teams and hope for the best in 2022. 

Good luck and keep the brand alive with you family and friends. 


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