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Chaka and his team would to say THANK YOU for all your support on our family brand of sauces.  We’ve taken, with your help as our valued users, this amazing brand to the next level.  

Since you’ve taken the brand to the next level and since our loyal users have been asking for new items, our R&D (Research and Development) team has been hard at work answering your requests by launching these new items to the line.    

That being said, I would like to tell you that the Chaka’s “ALL NATURAL” that we introduced last year is taking the market by storm.  This newest addition to the family of sauces has proved itself to be a successful player because of YOU.  We’ve seen the Chaka’s “ALL NATURAL” take our brand to the next level with how clean it is and how awesome it really tastes.

Moving forward with the support by you, we’re introducing our new Chaka’s BBQ SAUCE and DRY SPICE to our portfolio of sauces.  That face that you trust so much is in the development stages and soon to launch in full production our BBQ and then our DRY SPICE. 

To close, please look out for these new items in the stores and on our website.  The brand with that trusted face has made it this far because of loyal user like YOU. 

Keep true to yourself by being healthy with using only clean marinades!

Thank you!

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